15-20-100  Explosive cartridges.
   All boxes in which explosive cartridges containing nitroglycerine are packed must be lined with a suitable material that is impervious to liquid nitroglycerine. Cardboard cartons closed at the bottom and made of strong and flexible material that is impervious to nitroglycerine may be used as a lining. At least one- fourth of an inch of dry sawdust or wood pulp or similar material must be spread over the bottom of the box before inserting the cartridges, and all the vacant space in the top must be filled with this material. The cartridges must be so arranged in the boxes that when they are transported with the boxes top side up all cartridges will be on their side and never on their ends.
   No explosive cartridge sold shall be larger than four inches in diameter and eight inches long. Packages of explosives shall not contain more than 50 pounds.
(Prior code §  125-10)