15-20-190  Restrictions.
   (a)   No person shall have more than 1,000 electrical detonators in stock at any time.
   (b)   Chlorides calculated as potassium chloride must not exceed one-fourth of one percent.
   (c)   Any explosive mixture containing chlorate of potash offered for sale must contain no free acid or substance liable to produce free acid.
   (d)   Any explosives containing chlorate of potash or nitre compounds shall be subject to the British heat test.
   (e)   It shall be unlawful to sell, transport, or use leaky dynamite (leaking nitroglycerine).
   (f)   The keeping or storing of nitrocellulose in a dry condition in quantities greater than ten pounds in one place is hereby prohibited.
   (g)   The use of frozen or partly frozen cartridges and the breaking or cutting of them or drilling them for caps is hereby prohibited.
   (h)   Blasting powder, black powder, sporting powder, rifle powder, all military smokeless powder, and low blasting explosives shall be packed in metal cased containing not more than 25 pounds.
(Prior code §  125-19)