15-20-080  Transportation by vessel or railroad car.
   No explosives shall be landed at the piers or elsewhere in the city, or transported to a vessel lying at a pier, unless the explosives contained in the vessel making delivery are in charge of a duly certified employee of a person licensed to transport or sell explosives within the city limits. No explosives shall be landed at any pier in the city unless for immediate loading into wagons for distribution to consumers for use within 48 hours and for which orders have been previously received, or for immediate transportation by railway to points beyond the city limits; and explosives received at railway stations within the city limits shall be promptly discharged and removed to such storage as the provisions of this chapter prescribe. Explosives received at any railway or freight stations within the city limits, for reshipment to points beyond the city limits, shall be promptly transferred; provided, however, that no explosives received for shipment shall remain at any railway or freight station for a period exceeding 48 hours. Every railroad car containing explosives within the city limits must be placarded on sides and ends with standard explosive placards as prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission regulations for explosives and other dangerous articles.
(Prior code §  125-8)