A.   A business license shall be required for each premises located within the city in which any person is engaged in any business or occupation. Any person conducting such a business or engaged in such an occupation shall apply for the required business license by filling out an application.
   B.   A license shall be required for each branch establishment and/or separate location of a business. Unless otherwise provided in this Title, no license fee or any part thereof may be refunded even though the licensee does not operate for the period or any portion of the period for which the license was issued.
   C.   No person shall engage in any business or occupation within the boundaries of the city without first having obtained a business license as required by this chapter.
   D.   All business licenses required under this chapter shall be displayed on the business premises in a location clearly visible to the general public.
   E.   The application of any business engaged in the sale of any food or product for human consumption shall obtain certification from the Central Health District prior to or concurrent with the issuance of a business license.
   F.   The application of any business engaged in the sale of any product or the performance of a service that requires county or state licensing must obtain such necessary certifications and submit proof of compliance to the City as a condition of issuance of the business license. (Ord. 715, 10-25-2021)