A.   An issued license shall authorize the continuance of the business named therein for the term of such license, unless the business licensed shall be closed, in which case the city clerk shall be notified of the change and shall note the same in the register of licenses.
   B.   The City Clerk shall prepare license forms for licenses issued under this Title. The license shall at minimum specify the holder's name, the type of business licensed, the principal place of business of the licensee, and the date of establishment of the business. The Clerk shall account for all licenses signed by the Mayor, countersign the licenses, and deliver the licenses to licensees. The City Clerk shall collect all license fees and promptly deliver them to the City Treasurer. The City Treasurer shall issue a receipt for any license fees received from the Clerk.
   C.   The City Clerk's Office shall take action to approve or deny an application for a license, or application for renewal thereof, within fifteen (15) calendar days of the receipt of a completed application or completed application for renewal. (Ord. 715, 10-25-2021)