4-8-1: Definitions
4-8-2: Imposition And Rate Of Certain Non-Property Taxes, To Wit: A One Percent (1%) Sales Tax On The Sales Price Of All Property Subject To Taxation
4-8-3: Duration Of Taxes
4-8-4: Purposes For Which The Revenues Derived From Said Non-property Taxes Shall Be Used
4-8-5: Authorization For City Clerk To Administer, Regulate And Collect Said Non-Property Taxes
4-8-6: Creation Of A Property Tax Relief Fund
4-8-7: Establishment Of General And Enterprise Fund Capital Infrastructure Budgets
4-8-8: Permits Required And Issuance Of Permits
4-8-9: Method For Payment Of Taxes
4-8-10: Audits Deficiency Determinations
4-8-11: Re-Determination Of Deficiency
4-8-12: Appeals, Interest On Deficiency
4-8-13: Collections And Enforcement
4-8-14: Refunds, Limitations And Interest
4-8-15: Responsibility For Payment Of Taxes
4-8-16: Period Of Limitation Upon Assessment And Collection
4-8-17: Successors' Liability
4-8-18: General Administration By City Clerk
4-8-19: Penalties
4-8-20: Penalty Charges
4-8-21: Exemptions
4-8-22: Confidentiality Of Information