§ 1-11  General Penalties.
   (a)   Any person violating any of the provisions of this Code shall be guilty of an ordinance violation.
   (b)   Each day a violation of this Code is committed or permitted to continue shall constitute a separate offense.
   (c)   Except in cases where a different punishment is prescribed by statute or a specific section of this Code, any person convicted of an ordinance violation shall be punished by a fine of not more than $2,500 for each independent offense or violation.
   (d)   Whenever in this ordinance or in such Code an act is prohibited or is made or declared to be unlawful, or whenever in this ordinance or in such Code the doing of any act is required or the failure to do any act is declared to be unlawful, the violation of any such provision of this ordinance or of such Code shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $2,500. The fine assessed for the violation of any ordinance requiring a license may be a sum equal to the amount required by the ordinance to be paid for such license, unless otherwise provided. 
(Ord. D-700, § 8, 6-20-91)
   (e)   In addition to the penalties hereinabove provided, any condition caused or permitted to exist in violation of any of the provisions of such Code shall be deemed a public nuisance and may be by the City abated as provided by law, and each day such condition shall continue to be regarded as a new and separate offense. 
(Ord. D-700, § 9, 6-20-91)
   (f)   The City may bring a civil action to enjoin any person from:
      (1) Violating any ordinance regulation or prohibiting a condition or use of property; or
      (2)   Engaging in conduct without a license if any ordinance requires a license to engage in the conduct.
   (g)   The Court may suspend all or any part of a penalty imposed for an ordinance violation and may require as a condition of such suspension that the defendant shall perform uncompensated work that benefits the community.
   (h)   Any person adjudged guilty of violating any provision of this Code may also be adjudged to pay the costs of prosecution.
(`91 Code, § 1-11)
Statutory reference:
   Infraction and ordinance violation enforcement proceedings, see I.C., 34-4-32-1 through 34-4-32-5 Injunctions, see I.C., 36-1-6-4 Maximum ordinance violation amounts,  see I.C., 36-1-3-8
   Ordinance violations affecting real property and the City taking expenses of compliance as a lien against the property, see I.C., 36-1-6-2