§ 1-2  Effective Date of Code; Repeal of General Ordinances in Conflict; Savings Clause.
   (a)   All of the provisions of this Code shall be in full force and effect from the date of passage pursuant to I.C., 36-4-6-14, and the filing of two copies of this Code in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer, and all ordinances of a general and permanent nature in force at that time which include the subject matter of the chapters denominated herein, are repealed from and after said date.
   (b)   Such repeal shall not affect any offense or act committed or done or any penalty or forfeiture incurred or any contract or right established or occurring before said effective date; nor shall it affect any ordinance accepting gifts and dedications of real estate; nor any ordinance or resolution promising or guaranteeing the payment of money by the City or authorizing the issuance of bonds of the City; or other evidence of the City's indebtedness, or any contract or obligation assumed by the City; nor shall it affect transfer, appropriation or budget ordinances; nor shall it affect ordinances concerning annexation or disannexation of territories to or from the City, or any ordinances changing or concerning names of streets, or opening and closing streets, or ordinances vacating public ways; or ordinances commonly known as zoning map amendments; nor shall it affect any right, easement or franchise, conferred by any person or corporation; nor shall it affect any prosecution, suit or proceeding pending on said date, except that the proceeding thereof shall conform as far as possible to the provisions of this Code.
   (c)   No ordinance or part of any ordinance heretofore repealed shall be considered reordained or reenacted by virtue of this Code, unless specifically reenacted. The repeal of any curative or validating ordinance does not impair or affect any cure or validation already effected thereby.
(`91 Code, § 1-2) (Ord. D-2505-19, passed 12-16-19)