§ 1-5  Catchlines and Interpretation of Each Component Part of the Code.
   (a)   The black letter headings of the several sections of this Code are intended as mere catchlines to indicate the content of the section.
   (b)   Each chapter is comprised of articles which address subject matter classifications within the Chapter. Articles may then be divided into divisions which further define the particular topics.
   (c)   Each section of this Code shall be numbered consecutively by chapter. The number shall consist of two component parts separated by a dash, the figure before the dash referring to the chapter number and the figure after the dash referring to the position of the section within the chapter.
   (d)   The decimal system shall be used for all additions or amendments to this Code. When a chapter or section is to be added, the new chapter or section shall be given a decimal character.
   (e)   Each section which ends with parentheses include historical citations to either the original ordinance or resolution, its original section, and date or adoption of passage; or to the applicable section of the Carmel City Code from which the section was derived. Such information is a restatement or reenactment of material property adopted, and each such section shall be deemed reordained by the passage and adoption of this Code.
(`91 Code, § 1-5)