The Carmel City Code is a codification of the general and permanent Ordinances of the City enacted through Ordinance No. D-2661-22, passed December 19, 2022.
A Table of Special Ordinances follows this code. This table contains a listing by subject matter of those ordinances of a limited or special nature which are most commonly referenced by code book users and not set out in full. Copies of these ordinances can be obtained from the City Clerk-Treasurer.
The Ordinances contained in this Code were organized by subject matter classifications. Obsolete and conflicting provisions have been eliminated and the remaining laws, edited and revised where necessary. To facilitate usage, the Code Chapters are arranged in subject-matter order and numbered consecutively. Each Chapter is preceded by a Chapter Table of Contents which designates the material included within the Chapter.
The Parallel References Chapter lists all Ordinances and Resolutions contained in this Code chronologically by Ordinance or Resolution number, Section number, and the new Code Section of this Code. This Chapter also includes a list of all references to the Indiana Code which are contained in this Code and their corresponding Code Section. In addition, the Parallel References Chapter contains a listing of the 1991 Code Sections and the corresponding new Code Section.
The Index which appears at the end of this Code will serve as a research aid in the location of specific sections within this Code. Where appropriate, the Chapters have been subdivided into Articles, Divisions, and Sections. Catchlines describe the contents of each Section and appear in bold print as a further reference aid. Statutory references are contained throughout the Code which reference important State law citations.