Drug Abuse Control
513.01   Definitions.
513.02   Licensing sale of drug paraphernalia.
513.03   Presence in place or premises where designated controlled substances used.
513.04   Locations used unlawfully.
513.05   Fortification of premises to suppress law enforcement.
513.06   Use of location to suppress law enforcement entry in order to sell controlled substances.
513.07   Loitering to engage in drug abuse offenses.
513.08   Soliciting drug sales.
513.09   Sale of dextromethorphan.
513.99   Penalty; mandatory fines.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Federal prosecution bar to local prosecution - see Ohio R.C. 2925.50, 3719.19
Analysis report and notarized statement as evidence - see Ohio R.C 2925.51
Criteria for granting probation - see Ohio R.C 3719.70(B)