The installation of storage tanks for the handling and use of liquid petroleum gas/flammable liquids/combustible liquids shall be permitted as an accessory use in any district, upon compliance with the following:
   (a)   The securing of any permits required pursuant to Chapter 1509;
   (b)   Obtaining the approval of the Site Plan Review Committee, as required in Section 1182, which shall consider, but not be limited to, the applicable standards set forth in Section 1182.03, including sufficiency of drainage, vehicular ingress and egress, accessibility of fire hydrants and the zoning district of the proposed location; and
   (c)   Obtaining the approval of the Board of Zoning Appeals as set forth in Chapter 1198 and compliance with notification and hearing requirements as set forth in Sections 1198.05, 1198.06 and 1198.07.
   (d)   The following restrictions shall apply to all applications for the installation of storage tanks as an accessory use:
      (1)   One tank with a maximum capacity of 550 gallons is permitted per property exclusive for the use of the applicant; and
      (2)   No tank shall be permitted in any residential or CS District except as an accessory use to the conditional uses set forth in Chapters 1138 and 1163, and provided that it is not closer than 100 feet from an adjoining property line and has been reviewed and approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals pursuant to the criteria as set forth in Chapter 1198.
         (Ord. 147-2018. Passed 7-2-18.)