No land or buildings in any district shall be used or occupied in any manner which creates dangerous, injurious, noxious or otherwise objectionable conditions which could adversely affect the surrounding areas or adjoining premises. However, any use permitted by this Zoning Ordinance may be undertaken and maintained, if acceptable measures and safeguards are implemented to reduce dangerous and objectionable conditions to acceptable limits as established by the following performance requirements:
   (a)   Fire Hazards. Any activity involving the use or storage of flammable or explosive materials shall be protected by adequate fire-fighting and fire prevention equipment and by such safety devices as are normally used in the handling of any such material. Such hazards shall be kept removed from adjacent activities to a distance which is compatible with the potential danger involved.
   (b)   Radioactivity or Electrical Disturbance. No activity shall emit dangerous radioactivity at any point or electrical disturbance adversely affecting the operation of any equipment at any point other than that of the creator of such disturbance.
   (c)   Noise. Objectionable noise which is due to volume, frequency or beat shall be muffled or otherwise controlled. Air-raid sirens and related apparatus used solely for public purposes are exempt from this requirement.
   (d)   Vibration. No vibration shall be permitted which is discernible without instruments on any adjoining lot or property.
   (e)   Air Pollution. No pollution of air by fly-ash, dust, vapors, odors, smoke or other substances shall be permitted which is harmful to health, animals, vegetation or other property or which can cause excessive soiling.
   (f)   Humidity, Heat or Glare: In the industrial zones any activity producing humidity in the form of steam or moist air, or producing heat or glare, shall be carried on in such a manner that steam, humidity, heat or glare is not perceptible at any lot line.
   (g)   Water Pollution. Water pollution shall be subject to the requirements and regulations established by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.
   (h)   Accelerated Erosion. No disturbance of the land through man's activities shall cause erosion to occur more rapidly than normal, natural or geological erosion.
   (i)   Enforcement Provisions. Prior to the issuance of a zoning permit the Zoning Inspector may require the submission of statements and plans indicating the manner in which dangerous and objectionable elements involved in processing and in equipment operations are to be eliminated or reduced to acceptable limits and tolerances.
   (j)   Measurement Procedures. Methods and procedures for the determination of the existence of any dangerous and objectionable elements shall conform to applicable standard measurement procedures published by the American Standards Association, Inc., Newark; the Manufacturing Chemists' Association, Inc., Washington, D.C.; the United States Bureau of Mines; the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency; and the Canton Board of Health. (Ord. 55-77. Passed 2-14-77.)
      (Ord. 147-2018. Passed 7-2-18.)