(A)   A final plat shall contain or be accompanied by the following:
      (1)   Name of the development under the title of "Final Plat".
      (2)   Name, address and telephone number of subdivider and/or owner/applicant.
      (3)   Name, address and telephone number of the person responsible for the development's design, design of any public improvements, and any surveys.
      (4)   North arrow, scale and date, including revision dates.
      (5)   Tract boundaries, tax map survey number(s), and acreage.
      (6)   Correct courses and distances to the nearest established street lines or official monument that accurately describe the location of the plat, and are accurately tied to the primary control points of the development.
      (7)   The location and dimensions of all existing municipal boundaries, property lines, rights-of-way, easements, railroads, sewer lines, fire hydrants, utility transmission lines, culverts, bridges, storm drainage ditches, water courses, buildings, special flood hazard areas as determined by the Federal Insurance Rate Maps for the city, wooded areas, and all other significant man-made or natural features within the proposed development, and within 50 feet outside the boundaries of the proposed development.
      (8)   Lot lines, lot dimensions, lot and block numbers, layout of streets, street names, and street addresses approved per Kershaw County E911 Addressing Office.
      (9)   Other easements and rights-of-way, including location, dimension and purpose.
      (10)   As-built drawings of sanitary sewer system with grade, pipe sizes, points of discharge, and pipe invert elevations.
      (11)   As-built drawings of stormwater sewer system with grade, pipe size and location of outlets, and pipe invert elevations.
      (12)   As-built drawings of water system with pipe sizes and location of hydrants and valves.
   (B)   Certification requirements. The following certificates shall be lettered or printed on the face of the final plat:
      (1)   Surveyor certification. The signature, seal and certification of a registered professional land surveyor to the effect that the final plat accurately reflects a survey made by him or her, that any changes from the description appearing in the last record transfer of land contained in the final plat are so indicated, that all monuments shown thereon actually exist or will be installed and their position is accurately shown, and that all dimensional and geodetic details are correct.
      (2)   Certification by Planning Commission.
   The subdivision plat shown hereon has been found to comply with the land development regulations of the City of Camden, South Carolina, and has been approved for recording in the office of the Register of Deeds of Kershaw County, South Carolina.
   Date             City Planner
      (3)   Certification by DHEC. The developer will be required to provide written approval from DHEC of water and sewer design.
   (C)   Improvement guarantee. Certification that all required improvements have been installed or financial guarantees, as required by this chapter, shall be submitted to the Planning Commission along with the final plat. Approval of the final plat shall not be granted in the absence of such improvements or guarantees.
   (D)   A digital version of the final plat and accompanying documentation shall be submitted in addition to the hardcopy version. The digital version shall meet the following requirements.
      (1)   A completed digital drawing in Esri format (Shapefiles or Geodatabase) is preferred and will expedite the approval process. AutoCAD format (DWG or DXF) can also be accepted. All files should be to scale.
      (2)   This digital format drawing shall be a replica of any data required and/or included on the submitted hard copy drawing/document.
      (3)   An Adobe compatible PDF file of the drawing that will plot to scale must be submitted.
      (4)   This data must be provided on standard transfer media or by electronic transfer (CD-ROM, flash drive, or e-mail attachment). The submitted transfer media shall be labeled with the project name (subdivision name, or accepted job name, and the like), filing date, registered land surveyor or professional engineer’s name, and any other established project identifier.
      (5)   All drawings will be constructed in the NAD83 StatePlane South Carolina FIPS Code 3900. These coordinates must be established within sub-meter accuracy. The unit of measure to be used shall be International Foot.
(Ord., passed 10-13-92; Am. Ord. 07-019, passed 8-14-07; Am. Ord. 10-036, passed 8-24-10; Am. Ord. 2018-002, passed 3-13-18) Penalty, see § 156.999