Gas and Oil Wells
719.01   Compliance, permit required.
719.02   Permit application; fee; bond.
719.03   Consent of property owners required for permit; conditions; leased or unitized property.
719.04   Drilling near buildings, structures; waiver; vacation.
719.05   Insurance requirements.
719.06   Rotary drilling equipment.
719.07   Cable tools.
719.08   Crew training; equipment maintenance.
719.09   Sealing wells.
719.10   Fences; well pump motors.
719.11   Draining into sewers prohibited.
719.12   Drilling during daylight hours only.
719.13   Plot plan; storage tank location; pipelines.
719.14   Tracking mud; cleaning streets; permit revocation.
719.15   Map to accompany application.
719.16   Transferability of permit.
719.17   Exceptions.
719.18   Right of entry; permitrevocation.
719.19   Affidavits; falsestatements.
719.20   Notice of abandoned wells;pulling, plugging.
719.21   Duties of permittee:restoration; clean up;insurance; damages.
719.22   Application of provisions.
719.23   Distance of new well frompresent or proposed well.
719.24   Easements or options forpipelines and storagetanks.
719.25   Effective date ofprovisions; prior permits.
719.99   Penalty.
      State law provisions - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1509
      Easements - see PRELIM. UNIT - TABLE B
      Electric and barbed wire fences - see GEN. OFF. 521.07