Council or its duly authorized representative shall have the authority at any time to enter upon property where a drilling site is contemplated, upon property where a well is in the process of being drilled or upon a producing well site for the purpose of inspecting the site, equipment and all other things necessary to assure compliance with this chapter.
   Failure to comply with any provision of this chapter shall be grounds to refuse to issue a permit to drill or shall be grounds to revoke a permit already issued by Council.  Revocation of a permit shall remove all right of the permittee to drill for oil and/or gas until such time as permittee takes steps to come into compliance with this chapter.  Operations carried on by the permittee after revocation of a permit shall constitute a violation of this section and be punishable under Section 719.99.
(Ord. 36-1964.  Passed 10-5-64.)