(A)   (1)   The Mayor, with the consent of the City Council, may appoint such officers as shall be required by ordinance or otherwise required by law. Such officers may be removed from office by the Mayor.
      (2)   The terms of office for all officers, except regular police officers, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council shall be established by the City Council by ordinance.  The ordinance shall provide that either:
         (a)   The officers hold the office to which they have been appointed until the end of the Mayor's term of office and until their successors are appointed and qualified unless sooner removed; or
         (b)   The officers hold office for one year unless sooner removed. 
(Neb. RS 17-107)
   (B)   (1)   The city may enact ordinances or bylaws to regulate and prescribe the powers and duties of officers not provided for in state law. 
(Neb. RS 17-604)
      (2)   If the Mayor and City Council appoint any of the officials specified in this chapter or any other officials, the officials shall have the powers and duties, if any, provided in this chapter or as otherwise provided by city ordinances and state law.
(Ord. 839, passed 2-9-2012)