The City Physician shall be a member of the Board of Health of the city, and perform the duties devolving upon him or her as the medical advisor of the Board.  In all injuries where a liability may be asserted against the city, the City Physician shall immediately investigate the injuries, the extent thereof, and the circumstances.  He or she shall then report the results of his or her investigation with the name of the party injured, and all other persons who may have personal knowledge of the matter.  He or she shall make all physical examinations, and necessary laboratory tests incident thereto, and issue the health certificates as are required by ordinance.  For the purpose of making examinations of the sanitary conditions of the property, and the state of health of the inhabitants therein, he or she shall have the right at all reasonable hours to go upon, and enter all premises, buildings, or other structures in the city.  He or she shall perform the other duties as may be required of him or her by the laws of the state, and the ordinances of the city.  When ordered to do so by the City Council, he or she shall disinfect or fumigate the premises or persons in or about the premises, when the premises are quarantined, and to call upon indigent sick persons, and perform other professional services at the direction of the City Council.  The City Physician shall receive as compensation for his or her services the sum as the City Council may from time to time set by resolution.  He or she shall receive no compensation for his or her services as a member of the City Board of Health.
(Neb. RS 17-121)  (1973 Code, § 1-207)