(A)   The City Fire Chief and Assistant City Fire Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the City Council.  The Fire Chief shall enforce all laws and ordinances covering the prevention of fires; the storage and use of explosives and flammable substances; the installation of fire alarm systems; the maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment; the regulation of fire escapes; and the inspection of all premises requiring adequate fire escapes.  He or she shall within two days investigate the cause, origin, and circumstances of fires arising within his or her jurisdiction.  He or she shall, on or before April 1 and October 1 of each year, cause the Secretary to file with the City Clerk/Treasurer, and the Clerk of the District Court, a certified copy of the rolls of all members in good standing in their respective companies in order to obtain the exemptions provided by law.  He or she shall have the power during the time of a fire, and for a period of 36 hours thereafter to arrest any suspected arsonist, or any person for hindering the Department's efforts, conducting himself or herself in a noisy and disorderly manner, or who shall refuse to obey any lawful order by the Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief.  The Fire Chief shall appoint one captain for every eight members on the Fire Department. The Fire Chief, or his or her assistant in charge of operations at a fire may command the services of any person present at any fire in extinguishing the same or in the removal, and protection of property.
   (B)   Failure to obey such an order shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine.
   (C)   The Fire Chief shall have the right to enter at all reasonable hours into buildings, and upon all premises within his or her jurisdiction for the purpose of examining the same for fire hazards, and related dangers. The City Fire Chief shall be compensated at a rate of $500 per month, and the Assistant City Fire Chief shall be compensated at a rate of $250 per month.
(Neb. RS 17-147, 17-505, 35-102, 35-108, 81-506, and 81-512)  (1973 Code, § 1-210)  (Ord. 423, passed 4-5-1976; Ord. 800, passed 9-10-2009; Ord. 885, passed 9-18-2014)