§ 31.05  VACANCY.
   (A)   Whenever a vacancy occurs in an elected office of the city, except Mayor, notice of the vacancy shall be presented in writing to the City Council at a regular meeting and the notice shall appear as a part of the minutes of the meeting.
   (B)   The City Council shall at once give public notice of the vacancy by causing to be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the city or by posting in three public places in the city the office vacated and the length of the unexpired term.
   (C)   The Mayor shall within two weeks after the regular meeting at which the notice has been presented, or upon the death of the incumbent, call a special meeting of the City Council, at which time the Mayor shall submit the name of a qualified elector to fill the vacancy for the balance of the unexpired term.  Upon a majority vote of approval by the City Council, the vacancy shall be filled.
   (D)   If a majority vote is not reached, the nomination shall be rejected and the Mayor shall at the next regular meeting submit the name of another qualified elector.  If the vote on the nominee fails to carry by majority vote, the Mayor shall continue at the meeting to submit the names of qualified electors and the City Council shall continue to vote upon the nominations until the vacancy is filled.
   (E)   The Mayor shall cast his or her vote only in case of a tie vote of the City Council.
   (F)   All City Council Members shall cast a ballot for or against each nominee.
(1973 Code, § 1-105)  (Ord. 421, passed 3-4-1976)