The City Clerk/Treasurer shall at the end of each and every month, and any other times as the City Council may deem necessary, render an account to the City Council under oath showing the financial state of the city at that date, the amount of money remaining in each fund and the amount paid therefrom, and the balance of money remaining in the treasury.  He or she shall accompany the account with a statement of all receipts and disbursements, together with all warrants redeemed, and paid by him or her.  He or she shall also produce depository evidence that all city money is in a solvent and going bank in the name of the city.  If the City Clerk/Treasurer shall neglect, or fail for the space of ten days from the end of each and every month to render his or her accounts as aforesaid, the City Council shall, by resolution, declare the office vacant, and appoint some person to fill the vacancy.  The City Clerk/Treasurer shall be present at each regular meeting of the City Council at which time he or she shall read and file his or her monthly report.
(Neb. RS 17-606)  (1973 Code, § 1-204)