The city police, whether regular or special, shall have the power to arrest all offenders against the laws of the state or the city, by day or by night, and keep the offenders in the city jail, or some other place to prevent their escape until trial can be held before the proper official of the state or the city.  They shall have full power and authority to call on any person whenever necessary to assist them in performing public duties, and failure, neglect, or refusal to render the assistance shall be deemed a misdemeanor punishable upon conviction by a fine.  Every city police officer shall be expected to be conversant and knowledgeable with the city and state laws.  City police officers shall have the duty to file the complaints and reports as may be required by the city ordinances, and the laws of the state.  Any city police officer who shall willfully fail, neglect, or refuse to make an arrest, or who purposely, and willfully fails to make a complaint after an arrest is made shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined.  It shall be unlawful for the City Council to retain any city police officer in that position after he or she shall have been duly convicted of the willful violation of any law of the United States of America, the state, or any ordinance of the city, except minor traffic violations.  It shall be the duty of every city police officer making a lawful arrest to search all persons in the presence of some other person, whenever possible, and shall carefully keep and produce to the proper judicial official upon the trial everything found upon the person of the prisoners.  All personal effects so taken from prisoners aforesaid shall be restored to them upon their release.  Suitable uniforms and badges shall be furnished to the city police by the city.  Any member who shall lose or destroy the same shall be required to pay the replacement costs, and in the event that any member shall leave the force, he or she shall immediately deliver his or her badge to the Police Chief.  The City Council may from time to time provide the city police with the uniforms, equipment, and transportation as may be essential in the performance of their official duties.
(Neb. RS 17-118 and 17-124)  (1973 Code, § 1-209)  Penalty, see § 10.99