General Provisions
   50.001   Definitions
   50.002   Flow meters, maintenance and calibration
   50.003   Flow meter readings and documentation
   50.004   Outside vaults prohibited
   50.005   Insurance policy required
   50.006   Special agreements
   50.007   Stormwater standards manual
Unlawful Discharges
   50.020   Discharging into natural outlet; mandatory connection
   50.021   Unlawful discharges into public sewer
   50.022   Liability for damages
   50.023   Inspections
Rates and Charges
   50.030   Users to pay charges; determination of rates; special contracts and exemption
   50.031   Calculation of sewer use charge
   50.032   Minimum charge; base level; basis of rates
   50.033   Appeals to the Board of Sanitation
   50.034   Users to have meters
   50.035   Charges to users without city meters
   50.036   Calculations for use in excess of 1,500 cubic feet per month
   50.037   Billing; collection
   50.038   Which users to be billed
   50.039   Exceptions for excessive water usage
   50.040   Uniform solid waste fee collection
Permits and Fees
   50.051   Permits and fees
   50.052   Revocation of permits; notice thereof
   50.053   Contractor or plumbing license required; fee
   50.054   Bond required
   50.055   Application for excavating
   50.056   Subsurface fill required
   50.057   Use of barricades; warning signs
   50.058   Returning street to original condition
   50.059   Excavation permit fees
   50.060   Sanitary building sewer; connection tap; installation; replacement or repair
   50.061   Establishment of other non-recurring charges; authority to raise minimum charges
   50.062   Delinquent accounts, delinquency penalties
Non-Storm Water Discharges to the Storm Drainage System
   50.090   Purpose; intent
   50.091   Definitions
   50.092   Applicability
   50.093   Responsibility for administration
   50.094   Severability
   50.095   Ultimate responsibility
   50.096   Discharge prohibitions
   50.097   Suspension of MS4 Access
   50.098   Industrial or construction activity discharges
   50.099   Monitoring of discharges
   50.100   Requirement to prevent, control and reduce storm water pollutants by the use of Best Management Practices
   50.101   Notification of spills
   50.102   Enforcement
   50.103   Appeal of notice of violation
   50.104   Enforcement measures after appeal
   50.105   Cost of abatement of the violation
   50.106   Injunctive relief
   50.107   Compensatory action
   50.108   Violations deemed a public nuisance
   50.109   Criminal prosecution
   50.110   Remedies not exclusive
Stormwater Utility Policies and Procedures and User Fee
   50.200   Definitions
   50.201   Provisions for stormwater management
   50.202   Stormwater user fees
   50.203   Billing and collection of stormwater user fees
   50.204   Debt and return on investment
   50.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   City's authority to regulate water works, see IC36-9-2-14
   Establishment of public utilities, see IC36-9-2-15
   Establishment of rates, see IC36-9-23-25
   Municipal sewage works, see IC36-9-23-25
   Regulation of sewers, see IC36-9-2-17