Unsafe and Unsanitary Structures
1713.01   Definitions.
1713.02   Housing Enforcement Agency created; members.
1713.03   Officer appointed.
1713.04   Complaint that building is unfit; hearing.
1713.05   Cost of repair or demolition of unfit buildings; lien; sale of materials.
1713.06   Conditions making buildings unfit for human habitation.
1713.07   Service of complaints or orders; posting; filing.
1713.08   Injunctions.
1713.09   Appropriations for expenses; grants or donations.
1713.10   Owners to comply with orders of Agency.
1713.11   Removal of posted notices or orders.
1713.12   Obstructing, impeding or interfering with Agency.
1713.13   Personal liability of officers or employees; defense of suits.
1713.14   Construction of article.
Demolition of unsafe structures - see W. Va. Code 8-12-16