(a)   On the day specified for hearing on any impeachment resolution, the Village Council shall convene for the purpose of hearing the evidence against the officer or person named in said resolution.  The Council shall proceed to hear the charges and/or evidence in support thereof or in opposition thereto.  At the conclusion of the evidence, Council members shall vote individually either to convict or to acquit on the impeachment resolution except that if the officer or person being tried is also a member of Council, his or her vote shall not be cast or counted either for or against impeachment.  In the event a majority of the votes are cast for the impeachment of the officer or person, he or she shall thereupon be removed from office.
   (b)   In the event the Village Council votes for impeachment and removes such officer or person from office pursuant to this section, an appeal may be taken from such action to the Circuit Court of Cabell County, West Virginia, within thirty days from the date of the vote convicting such officer or person under the impeachment resolution.  The Circuit Court of Cabell County shall consider and decide the appeal upon the original papers and documents without requiring the same to be printed and shall enforce its findings and decisions by proper writ.
   (c)   If a Municipal officer or employee be removed from office under this section, the Village Council shall have full power and authority to fill the vacancy in such office and position by a temporary appointment until a final decision of the matter.  When a final decision has been made by the Circuit Court of Cabell County, West Virginia, or by such other court having jurisdiction, then the Village Council shall fill such vacancy in the manner provided by law for such office or position.