Council shall, within five years of the effective date of this Charter and at least every eight years thereafter, cause to be prepared a Municipal Code with an adequate index containing all ordinances of general application which are appropriate for continuation as law.  Such Code may be prepared by the Village Attorney or Council may contract for its preparation by professional persons or by organizations experienced in the revision and codification of ordinances or statutes.  When the Code, or any general revision thereof, shall have been prepared, Council shall cause copies of the same to be prepared and made available for public distribution.  No ordinance approving such Code or revision shall be adopted until ninety days have elapsed following the date on which Council shall have noted in its official journal the availability of copies of such proposed Code to the public nor until compliance with all applicable law.  The Code and general revisions thereof need not be printed in the official journal, but Council shall cause the Code and revisions to be published and distributed to the public at such reasonable price as may be established.  All ordinances of general application, adopted after the approval of the Code, shall be adopted as amendments to the Code, shall indicate the section numbers to be assigned to the text of such ordinance in the Code and shall be indexed accordingly therein.  Until such Code is prepared, adopted and distributed, the Village Recorder shall make available to any person requesting it, at a cost to be fixed by Council, copies of all presently effective Village ordinances and all ordinances which may be subsequently adopted.