Wherever in this Charter the term "Municipal election precincts" is used, it shall be taken and construed to mean those voting precincts, or that portion thereof, lying within the corporate limits of the Village of Barboursville fixed by reference to and in accordance with the division of Cabell County into precincts by order of the County Commission of Cabell County, West Virginia, in effect for all State and County elections on the effective date of this Charter.  Within three months after their election and qualification, the members of the first Council elected under this Charter shall cause to be made and kept a detailed map of the City showing the boundaries of the Municipal election precincts described in this section of this Charter, and each subsequent Council shall cause such map to be kept, maintained and revised as appropriate.  The first such map, and any revised such map, shall be approved and promulgated by Council in the same manner as provided by law for the adoption of ordinances.  There shall accompany each such map approved by the Council a detailed boundary description of that portion of any voting precinct which is but partially included within the City limits of the Village.  Such  description may reference Village streets and roadways or other well-known and visible landmarks within the Village, and may reference Village boundary lines by determinable and surveyed metes and bounds as shown on the most recent official map of the Village of Barboursville.