Council shall have authority to initiate impeachment proceedings, by resolution, against the Mayor, members of Council or against any appointee of the Mayor, by a two-thirds vote of the members of Council.  A three-fourths vote of the members of Council shall be required to convict any person so impeached.  Conviction under this section shall be grounds for removal from office in accordance with the provisions of this Charter or general law.  In the event an impeachment resolution is adopted by Council, as specified herein, it shall state with clarity and particularity each offense of which the person is accused, in terms sufficient to constitute due and proper notice to such person of the nature of the offense or offenses charged.  Such impeachment resolution shall be directed to the officer or person named therein and shall require such officer and person to appear for a hearing before the Village Council on a specific day named in the resolution of impeachment.  A true copy of such resolution shall be served upon such officer or person at least twenty days prior to the date scheduled for such hearing in the manner in which a summons commencing a civil suit may be served.