(A)   All industrial users shall notify the POTW treatment plant immediately upon the first awareness of all discharges that could cause problems to the POTW, including any slug loadings or spills that may enter the sewerage system. The notification shall include the name of the caller, location of the discharge point, date and time of discharge, identification of pollutant, including concentration and volume, and corrective actions taken. Notification of accidental releases in compliance with this section does not relieve the user of other reporting requirements under local, state or federal laws, or of liability for any consequential expense, loss or damage to the POTW treatment system, or for any fines and/or penalties imposed on the user which result from violative discharges.
   (B)   Within five days following an accidental discharge, the user shall submit to the Superintendent of Utilities a detailed written report specifying:
      (1)   Description and cause of the slug load or accidental discharge, including identification of pollutant, concentration and volume of discharge;
      (2)   Duration of event, including dates and times, and if non-compliance is continuing, the time by which compliance is reasonably expected to occur; and
      (3)   All steps taken or to be taken to reduce, eliminate and/or prevent recurrence of the discharge or other conditions of non-compliance.
(Prior Code, § 1054.21)  (Ord. 59-1991, passed 4-8-1991; Ord. 149-2013, passed 9-9-2013)