1054.01   Definitions.
1054.02   Purposes.
1054.03   Compliance.
1054.04   Prohibited discharges.
1054.05   Determination of    acceptability of discharges.
1054.06   Unacceptable discharges defined.
1054.07   Procedures for unacceptable discharges.
1054.08   Pretreatment of unacceptable discharges.
1054.09   Construction of pretreatment facilities; plan approval.
1054.10   Operation and maintenance of pretreatment facilities.
1054.11   Limitations on wastewater pollutants.
1054.12   Dilution prohibition.
1054.13   Monitoring and flow measurement facilities.
1054.14   Right of access.
1054.15   Requirements for non-categorical wastewater dischargers.
1054.16   Requirements for categorical wastewater dischargers.
1054.17   Requirements applicable to all industrial users.
1054.18   Compliance schedule.
1054.19   Trade secrets and confidentiality.
1054.20   Protection from accidental discharges.
1054.21   Accidental discharge notification and reporting.
1054.22   Charges for damage to system.
1054.23   Treatment system bypasses.
1054.24   Operating upsets.
1054.25   Pretreatment program fees.
1054.26   Surcharges.
1054.27   Administrative orders to control discharges.
1054.28   Requests for reconsideration of Superintendent’s decisions.
1054.29   Notices of violations.
1054.30   Assessment of administrative fees; Industrial Wastewater Review Board.
1054.31   Emergency suspension of service.
1054.32   Termination of treatment services.
1054.33   Retention of records.
1054.34   Falsifying information.
1054.35   Annual publication of significant non- compliance.
1054.99   Penalty.
   Compulsory sewer connections, see Ohio R.C. 729.06
   Industrial waste prohibited in Barberton Reservoir and Wolf Creek, see S.U. & P.S. 1072.02
   Interference with sewage flow, see Ohio R.C. 4933.24
   Sewerage rates, see Ohio R.C. 729.49
   Sewers generally, S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1040
   Untreated sewage, see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3718
   Utility Billing Review Board, see S.U. & P.S. 1040.10