Unacceptable discharges shall include those which have been determined by the Superintendent of Utilities to:
   (A)   Violate the prohibited discharges specified in § 1054.04 of this chapter;
   (B)   Contain concentrations or amounts of regulated materials or substances in excess of limits defined and established by this chapter and applicable national categorical pretreatment standards;
   (C)   Cause the city to incur excessive expense in the handling or treatment of such discharges;
   (D)   Be incompatible with or inhibit the performance of the POTW treatment plant;
   (E)   Result in non-compliance by the POTW with requirements set by state and federal regulatory agencies;
   (F)   Cause the POTW treatment plant effluent, or any other product of the treatment process, such as residues and sludges, to be unsuitable for reclamation and reuse; and
   (G)   Result in adverse impact on POTW treatment plant operations or design capacity.
(Prior Code, § 1054.06)  (Ord. 59-1991, passed 4-8-1991; Ord. 149-2013, passed 9-9-2013)