§ 1054.14  RIGHT OF ACCESS.
   (A)   Authorized representatives of the POTW, upon presentation of city identification, shall be permitted to enter upon any industrial user’s premises where a regulated facility or activity is located or conducted for the purpose of:
      (1)   Inspecting any production, manufacturing, fabricating or storage area where regulated pollutants could originate or be discharged to the POTW;
      (2)   Inspecting at reasonable times any pretreatment facilities, monitoring and control equipment or operations required for compliance with pretreatment standards and requirements;
      (3)   Inspecting and copying, at reasonable times, any records required to be kept as a condition of the user’s control orders or this chapter; and
      (4)   Sampling or monitoring of wastewater discharges to determine whether applicable pretreatment standards are being complied with. If a violation is detected through sampling and analysis conducted by the POTW in lieu of the industrial user, the POTW shall perform the repeat sampling and analysis within 30 days of becoming aware of the violation unless it notifies the user of the violation and requires the user to perform the repeat sampling and analysis.
   (B)   Refusal to permit prompt entry of POTW representatives to perform the above activities, without just cause, shall be a violation of this chapter.
(Prior Code, § 1054.14)  (Ord. 59-1991, passed 4-8-1991; Ord. 149-2013, passed 9-9-2013)