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Asheville, NC Code of Ordinances
Asheville, Standard Specifications and Details Manual
Within the City of Asheville, no person shall fix or charge a greater or lesser rate of fare for taxicab service than the following:
1.   For the initiation (drop) of the meter$2.50
2.   For each one-tenth mile after initiation0.25
3.   For each piece of luggage in excess of two average size traveling bags or their equivalent in size0.25
4.   For each passenger in excess of two2.00
5.   For each two minutes of waiting time or fraction thereof after the first two minutes0.40
(Waiting time shall include the time when the taxicab is not in motion, beginning with the arrival at the place to which it has been called, or the time consumed while standing or waiting at the direction of the passenger; but, no charge shall be made for time lost for inefficiency or breakdown of the taxicab or for time consumed by premature response to a call.)
Notwithstanding the above listing, the total fare may include the following surcharge:
   For each trip that initiates or terminates beyond a:
      Three-mile radius from the center of downtown = meter plus $3.00
      Five-mile radius from the center of downtown = meter plus $5.00
      Eight-mile radius from the center of downtown = meter plus $8.00
(Ord. No. 3280, § 1, 9-13-05)



Editor's note(s)—Ord. No. 2773, § 1, adopted Nov. 28, 2000, created App. F to read as herein set out. See chapter 18, articles I—III for taxicab regulations.