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Asheville Overview
Asheville, NC Code of Ordinances
Asheville, Standard Specifications and Details Manual
Chapter 20 TREES 1



Editor's note(s)—
Ord. No. 2378, § 1, adopted June 10, 1997, repealed Ch. 20, in its entirety, which pertained to trees. Said section also enacted provisions designated as a new Ch. 20 to read as herein set out. See the Code Comparative Table.
Cross reference(s)— Asheville Tree/Greenway Commission, § 2-156; buildings and building regulations, ch. 4; cemeteries, ch. 6; historic preservation, ch. 8; parks and recreation, ch. 12; soil erosion and sedimentation control, ch. 14; subdivisions, ch. 17; zoning, app. A.
State law reference(s)— Damages for unlawful cutting, removal or burning of trees, G.S. 1-539.1; cutting timber on town watershed, G.S. 14-383; permit required for planting or removal of trees on state highway, G.S. 136-93; designation of official state tree, G.S. 145-3.