General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Cruelty to animals
   90.03   Confinement and control of vicious or dangerous domestic animals
   90.04   Nuisance
   90.05   Impoundment
   90.06   Stray animals
   90.07   Non-domestic animals
   90.08   Humane destruction of animals
Vaccination and Privilege Tax Tag Requirements
   90.20   Vaccination of dogs, cats and other pets
   90.21   Vaccination tag and certificate
   90.22   Privilege tax tag for dogs and cats
Rabies and Animal Bite Management
   90.35   Animal bites
   90.36   Destruction or confinement of animal bitten by a known rabid animal
   90.37   Unlawful killing or releasing of certain animals
   90.38   Failure to surrender animal for confinement or destruction
   90.39   Post-mortem diagnosis
   90.40   Area-wide emergency quarantine
Animal Shelter Operations
   90.50   Redemption of animal by owner or keeper
   90.51   Redemption or adoption of unvaccinated dog or cat
   90.52   Adoption or destruction of owner-surrendered animals
   90.53   Adoption or destruction of unredeemed animals
   90.54   Permit requirement for resale of animals
Administration and Enforcement
   90.65   Creation of Animal Control Department
   90.66   Responsibilities of Animal Control Department
   90.67   Interference with Animal Control Department
   90.68   Violations
   90.99   Penalty