(A)   Unless proof of a current rabies vaccination can be furnished, every person who either adopts or redeems a dog or cat at the animal shelter will be given a “proof of vaccination notice” at the time of redemption or adoption. This notice will be stamped with a date stating the maximum time limit allowed to take the dog or cat to the veterinarian of their choice for a rabies vaccination. The time limit for dogs and cats four months old and older will be 72 hours, weekends and holidays excluded. For animals younger than four months, the time will vary.
   (B)   The “proof of vaccination notice” will be completed by the veterinarian and returned to the Animal Control Office by the animal owner or keeper.
   (C)   Person(s) adopting a dog or cat will be required to purchase a privilege tax tag.
   (D)   Payment for all veterinary services will be the responsibility of the owner or keeper.
(Ord. passed 9-20-95)
   (E)   It is required each animal be spayed or neutered, at owner’s expense, to aid in the stray animal population.
(Ord. passed 9-20-95; Amended 6-15-98)