(A)   Any animal surrendered by its owner to the Animal Control Department may be immediately placed for adoption, or humanely destroyed when:
      (1)   The owner directs, in writing, that the animal be placed for adoption or humanely destroyed; and
      (2)   The owner affirmatively represents in writing that he or she is in fact the legal owner of said animal; and
      (3)   The owner agrees that he or she will indemnify and hold the Animal Control Department or county harmless for fees, by reason of the destruction of, or placement for adoption of, said animal; and
      (4)   The owner transfers ownership of said animal to the Animal Control Department and releases the department from any and all future claims with respect to said animal.
   (B)   Upon receiving aforementioned assurances, the Animal Control Department may rely on the same and place said animal for adoption, or destroy said animal, as it sees fit.
(Ord. passed 9-20-95)