(A)   The Department will be comprised of elements of the existing agencies of the Environ- mental Services Department, the District Health Department, and the Sheriff’s Department, along with other law enforcement agencies, it shall be their duty in local cooperation, to collaboratively enforce all laws of North Carolina and all ordinances of the county pertaining to disease prevention.
   (B)   The Department is responsible for the investigation of all reported animal bites, for the quarantine of any dog or cat involved in or suspected of having rabies, and for reporting investigation results to the District Health Director as soon as practicable.
   (C)   The Department shall have the responsibility for investigating cruelty or abuse cases involving animals.
   (D)   The Department will be responsible for the seizure and impoundment where deemed necessary, of any dog or other animal in the county involved in a violation of this chapter or state laws.
   (E)   The Department will make such canvasses of the county as necessary for the purpose of ascertaining compliance with this chapter or state laws.
   (F)   The Department may be responsible for the operation of a county operated animal shelter.
   (G)   The Department is empowered to issue notices of violation of this chapter the Board of Commissioners may prescribe.
   (H)   The Animal Control Officers shall keep, or cause to be kept, accurate and detailed records of:
      (1)   Seizure, impoundment, and disposition of all animals coming into the custody of the Department.
      (2)   Bite cases, violations, complaints, and all investigations of the aforementioned.
      (3)   All fees belonging to the county which were collected for redemptions, tags, sales, violations, and other.
      (4)   Any other matters deemed necessary by the County Manager.
(Ord. passed 9-20-95)