(A)   Any animal which appears to be: lost, stray or unwanted, or not wearing a valid tax tag (dog) and vaccination tag where required, or any other violation of this chapter, may be seized, impounded, and confined in a humane manner at an animal shelter.
   (B)   Reasonable effort shall be made to identify the owner or keeper of the animal, and to inform such owner or keeper of the conditions whereby the animal may be redeemed.
   (C)   Impoundment of such an animal shall not relieve the owner or keeper thereof from any penalty which may be imposed for violation of this chapter.
(Ord. passed 9-20-95)  Penalty, see § 90.99
   (D)   Domesticated animals with or without tags shall be impounded for no less than three weekdays.
(Amend. Ord. passed 6-15-98)  Penalty, see § 90.99