8-1-1: Water Department Created
8-1-2: Superintendent
8-1-3: Application For Hookup; Fees
8-1-4: Costs Of Hookup
8-1-5: Water Meters
8-1-6: Service Lines
8-1-7: Inspection; Approval
8-1-8: Tapping Main Line
8-1-9: Water And Sewer Rates
8-1-10: Billing Statements
8-1-11: Cross-Connection Prohibited
8-1-12: Obstruction Prohibited
8-1-13: Liability For Damages
8-1-14: Unauthorized Use Prohibited
8-1-15: Rules And Regulations
8-1-16: Separate Connection Required
8-1-17: Multiple-Family Dwellings
8-1-18: Building Or Construction Use
8-1-19: Lawn Fountains; Sprinkling
8-1-20: Violation; Penalty
There is hereby established an executive department of this Village to be known as the Water Department. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947)
   A.   Appointment: The Village President is hereby authorized to appoint, subject to confirmation by the Board of Trustees, a Superintendent of the Water Department and all other necessary employees.
   B.   Powers And Duties: The Superintendent shall have the general management and control of the waterworks system, subject, however, to the supervision of the Board of Trustees. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947)
   A.   Written Application: No water shall be turned on for use on, or in, any premises until an application therefor, in writing, has been made for that purpose and filed with the Superintendent of the Water Department stating the purpose for which the water is to be used. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947; amd. 1998 Code)
   B.   Application Fee: The filing fee for a water hookup application shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) payable upon the filing of the application with the Superintendent of the Water Department. (Ord. 212, 5-14-1996; amd. 1998 Code)
   C.   Deposit: In addition to any new water hookup fee, a new user of the Village water supply shall pay a deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to ensure payment of water user charges. The one hundred dollar ($100.00) deposit shall be returned to the user after termination of water service when the user's account is paid in full. If the user's account is not paid in full, the one hundred dollar ($100.00) deposit may be applied towards payment of the water user charges. (Ord. 189, 1-12-1988)
The applicant shall pay for all labor and expenses incurred, including but not limited to, twelve inch (12") stainless steel clamp, compression corporation valve, K copper lines, curb valve and box connected to the water main, curb shutoff valve and other attachments as approved by the Superintendent of the Water Department. (Ord. 212, 5-14-1996; amd. 1998 Code)
   A.   Required: All water consumers supplied by the Village shall be supplied through meters only, and shall pay for the water consumed at the rates and in the manner hereinafter specified 1 . (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947)
   B.   Meter Valve: Each connection at the user's meter shall be equipped with a Mueller angle meter valve.
   C.   Reading Of Meters:
      1.   New Installations: Each new installation shall be equipped with a device to allow outside reading of the meter. (Ord. 212, 5-14-1996)
      2.   Access: The Village and its employees shall have ready access to the premises, places or buildings where meters are located for the purpose of reading, examining, testing and repairing the same, and examining and testing the consumption, use and flow of water, and it shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with, prevent, or obstruct the Village, or its duly authorized agent, in its duties hereunder. Every consumer of water shall take the same upon the conditions prescribed in this subsection C2.
   D.   Meters Out Of Repair: Whenever any meter, by reason of its being out of repair, or for any cause, fails promptly to register the water passing through the same, the consumer shall be charged at the rate shown for the corresponding time of the previous year under like conditions. If no record of the previous year exists, then it shall be the duty of the Superintendent of the Water Department to estimate or determine so far as he can, the amount of water consumed during the time such meter fails to operate, and the consumer shall pay the amount so estimated. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947; amd. 1998 Code)
All exterior water lines shall be installed at least four and one-half feet (41/2') deep. The State Plumbing Code shall be followed as to each installation. (Ord. 212, 5-14-1996)
Prior to covering and backfilling a new water line, the user shall notify the Superintendent of the Water Department that the new water hookup is completed. The new line shall not be covered or backfilled, and no water service shall commence until the Superintendent, or someone designated by the Village President, has inspected and approved the new water hookup. (Ord. 212, 5-14-1996; amd. 1998 Code)
   A.   Approval Required: No person shall tap into a Village water main until he has obtained the approval of the Superintendent of the Water Department, or someone designated by the Village President.
   B.   Licensed Plumber Required: The tap into the Village water main shall be performed by a licensed plumber. The tapping into the Village water main by persons other than a licensed plumber is prohibited. (Ord. 212, 5-14-1996; amd. 1998 Code)
The following shall be the rates for water supplied through meters, payable monthly:
0 - 2,000
Every 1,000 after 2,000
(1998 Code; amd. Ord. 235, 4-9-2002; Ord. 289, 4-10-2007, eff. 5-1-2007; Ord. 382, 8-14-2018, eff. 9-1-2018; Ord. 383, 8-14-2018, eff. 9-1-2018)
   A.   Monthly Statements: Bills for water service shall be rendered monthly using the schedule in section 8-1-9 of this chapter and shall be delinquent on the fifteenth day after their rendition. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947; amd. 1998 Code)
   B.   Late Charges: All unpaid charges for water, sewer and solid waste service shall accrue a ten percent (10%) late penalty charge if not paid on or before the twenty sixth day of the month in which the bill is rendered. (Ord. 235, 4-9-2002)
   C.   Discontinuance Of Service: Water service to any user of the Village water supply may be shut off at any time after the water bill remains unpaid for thirty (30) days, upon seven (7) days' written notice to the user. Notice may be delivered personally or by mail.
   D.   Shutoff/Turn-On Fees: The user shall be charged a fee of twenty five dollars ($25.00) for shutoff of the water supply and another fee of twenty five dollars ($25.00) for turning on the water supply.
   E.   Owner Responsibility: The owner of the real estate to which Village water service is supplied shall be required to pay any water user charges for service supplied to the real estate owned by him in the event that the user does not pay the bill. This responsibility shall be on the landowner whether he is a landlord renting to a tenant, or whether he is a contract seller of the real estate. (Ord. 189, 1-12-1988; amd. 1998 Code)
   F.   Lien; Notice Of Delinquency:
      1.   Filing Of Lien: Whenever a bill for water service remains unpaid for thirty (30) days for monthly service it has been rendered, the Village shall file with the County Recorder of Deeds a statement of lien claim. This statement shall contain the legal description of the premises served, the amount of the unpaid bill, and a notice that the Village claims a lien for this amount as well as for all charges subsequent to the period covered by the bill.
      2.   User Not Owner; Notice To Owner: If the user whose bill is unpaid is not the owner of the premises and the Village has notice of this, notice shall be mailed to the owner of the premises if his address be known to the Clerk whenever such bill remains unpaid for the period of thirty (30) days for a monthly bill after it has been rendered.
      3.   Right To Foreclosure: The failure of the Village to record such lien or to mail such notice or the failure of the owner to receive such notice shall not affect the right to foreclose the lien for unpaid bills as mentioned in the foregoing subsection F2.
   G.   Foreclosure Of Lien: Property subject to a lien for unpaid charges shall be sold for nonpayment of the same, and the proceeds of the sale shall be applied to pay the charges, after deducting costs, as is the case in the foreclosure of statutory liens. Such foreclosure shall be by bill-in-equity in the name of the Village. The Village Attorney is hereby authorized and directed to institute such proceedings in the name of the Village in any court having jurisdiction over such matters against any property for which the bill has remained unpaid forty five (45) days in the case of a monthly bill after it has been rendered. (1998 Code)
No user of the Village water supply is allowed to use a water supply other than that provided by the Village. The cross- connection of a private water supply with the Village water supply is prohibited. (Ord. 212, 5-14-1996)
   A.   Access: No person shall in any manner obstruct the access to any stopcock, hydrant or valve, or any public faucet or opening for taking water in any street, alley, public way, public ground or place connected with or part of said waterworks system, nor pile or place any lumber, brick or building material or other article, thing or hindrance whatsoever within twelve feet (12') of the same, or so as to in any manner hinder, delay or obstruct the members of the Fire Department in reaching the same.
   B.   Flow, Retention Or Storage: It shall be unlawful for any person in any manner to interfere with or obstruct the flow, retention, storage or authorized use of water in said waterworks system, reservoir or plant, or any part thereof, or to injure, deface, remove or displace any water main, hydrant, service pipe, water meter, shutoff box, public fountain, valve, engine or building connected with said waterworks system or plant, or to cause, suffer, or permit any of said things to be done. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947; amd. 1998 Code)
All connections and water applied for hereunder, and all water used hereunder, shall be upon the express condition that the Village shall not be liable, nor shall any claim be made against it, for damages or injury caused by reason of the breaking of any main, branches, service pipes, apparatus or appurtenances connected with such waterworks system or plant, or any part or portion thereof, or for any interruption of the supply by reason of the breakage of machinery, or by reason of stoppage, alterations, extensions or renewals. (Ord. 19A, 10-14-1947)
No person not duly authorized shall turn the water on at any fire hydrant or service cock, or use water therefrom when so turned on and the person so wasting water in such unlawful manner shall be liable to pay for the same. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947; amd. 1998 Code)
The following rules and regulations for the consumers of water and for plumbers are hereby adopted and established:
   A.   Application Required: No water shall be furnished or supplied to any consumer for any purpose whatever until such consumer shall made application therefor. Such application shall state the location of the premises to be served and the use to which the water will be put.
   B.   Limitations On Use: No water consumer may supply water to other families or allow them to take it, except for use on the premises and for the purposes specified in the application, nor after water is introduced into any building or upon any premises shall any person make or employ any other person to make any tap or connection with the works upon the premises for alterations, repairs, extensions or attachments without a written permit therefor to be issued by the Superintendent of the Water Department.
   C.   Reservation Of Right: The Village reserves the right to shut off water at any time in the mains for the purpose of repairing, cleaning, making connections with or extensions to same, or for the concentrating of water in any part of the Village in case of fire, and for restricting the use of the water in case of deficiency in supply. No claim shall be made against said Village by reason of the breaking of any service pipe or service cock, or damage arising from shutting off of water for repairing, laying or relaying mains, hydrants or other connections or repairing any part of the waterworks system, or from failure of the water supply, or by increasing the water pressure at any time, or from concentration or restricted use of water as above. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947)
No owner or plumber shall be permitted to conduct water pipes into any two (2) distinct premises or tenements unless separate and distinct stopcocks shall be placed on the outside of such premises along the sidewalk opposite the same, nor shall any pipe be allowed to cross lots or buildings to adjoining premises. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947)
In all cases where one service pipe supplies two (2) or more separate consumers in a building, one meter may be placed at the service connection for either or all of the consumers, and the water rent, as registered by such meter, shall be charged to and be payable by the owner of the premises or building. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947)
   A.   Application For Permit: Persons desiring to use Village water for building or construction purposes shall make application therefor in writing and file the same in the office of the Village Clerk on a form provided for that purpose.
   B.   Grant Of Permit; Connection: Upon a permit being granted (permits shall be issued in writing and signed by the Superintendent of the Water Department), the service pipe shall be carried at the expense of the applicant to the inside of the curb line, where a service cock and meter shall be placed, with pipe leading to the surface, and a faucet at the end thereof above the surface.
   C.   Completion Of Construction: When the building or construction work is completed, the faucet and meter shall be removed and the water shut off, unless permanent connection thereunder is made.
   D.   Cost Of Use: Charge for the use and connecting of meters shall be as prescribed in Section 8-1-9 of this Chapter. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947)
The right is reserved to suspend the use of lawn fountains and hose for sprinkling lawns and gardens whenever, in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, public exigencies require it. (Ord. 19A, 10-15-1947)
Any person violating this Chapter shall be subject to penalty as provided in Section 1-4-1 of this Code, and shall be liable for the actual damage done or caused. In addition, the Superintendent of the Water Department is authorized to terminate water service to any user who violates this Chapter or creates a condition which contaminates or threatens to contaminate the Village water supply. (Ord. 212, 5-14-1996; amd. 1998 Code)



1.  See section 8-1-9 of this chapter.
1.  See Chapter 2 of this Title.