4-1A-1: Definitions
4-1A-2: Scope
4-1A-3: Containers
4-1A-4: Excess Liquid
4-1A-5: Sterilization Of Containers
4-1A-6: Placement Of Containers
4-1A-7: Prohibited Deposits
4-1A-8: Dumping, Accumulation Prohibited
4-1A-9: Landscape Waste
4-1A-10: Recycling Program
4-1A-11: Penalty
For the purpose of this article, the following definitions are hereby adopted:
GARBAGE: Includes all organic household or kitchen waste, such as unused food and food residues.
HOUSEHOLD RUBBISH: Includes inorganic incombustible household waste such as tin cans, bottles and crockery resulting from the regular operation of the household. (Ord. 48, 6-3-1958)
4-1A-2: SCOPE:
The collection and disposal of garbage and household rubbish in the village shall be governed by the provisions of this article, whether the collection and disposal thereof is carried on by the village or by some person acting under contract with the village. (Ord. 48, 6-3-1958)
A maximum of one container will be picked up at the curbside of the street on Monday and again on Friday of each week. The container construction shall be a standard commercial galvanized metal or strong plastic with handles and tightfitting lid. The capacity of the container shall not exceed thirty two (32) gallons and the loaded weight shall not exceed forty (40) pounds in weight. No oversized cans, barrels or makeshift containers will be emptied. Any container in a weekly pick up exceeding the allowed number will require an "excess tag" attached, which shall be purchased from the village for one dollar ($1.00).
Dumpsters for large amounts of waste can be rented from the village for a fee of forty dollars ($40.00) for one month or a fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) for one weekend, Friday-Monday.
Large and bulk items will be picked up on the first Tuesday of the month year around. Carpet must be cut into lengths of five feet (5') or less. Smaller items that should be placed in regular containers for Monday or Friday pick up will not be picked up on the Tuesday pick up.
Refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, other appliances, tires, batteries, liquid paint, chemicals, demolition or remodeling debris will not be picked up. Containers of dried paint will be picked up. (Ord. 246, 6-10-2003, eff. 8-1-2003)
Before garbage is placed in containers, it shall be drained of excess liquids, except grease. (Ord. 48, 6-3-1958)
Each and every container for garbage shall be sterilized at least twice a year, by means of boiling water and soap, or by scrubbing out with water and dosing said containers with a disinfectant. The lid shall be removed only for the purpose of emptying the container or placing garbage therein, or to wash and dry the same when the container shall be emptied and cleaned. (Ord. 48, 6-3-1958)
The containers heretofore referred to shall be placed in a convenient place on the premises at such times and in such a manner as may be directed by the village officials. (Ord. 48, 6-3-1958)
It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit in any container for garbage any article or thing but garbage, or to deposit in any container for household rubbish any article or thing but household rubbish. "Combustible trash" and "landscape waste" which is defined as organic material such as leaves, grass, brush, hedge, tree trimmings and garden waste shall not be set out for solid waste collection. (Ord. 48, 6-3-1958; amd. 1998 Code)
No pile or deposit of manure, garbage, miscellaneous waste, or refuse of any kind whatsoever, or accumulation of any offensive or nauseous substance, shall be made within the limits of the village, nor shall any person unload, discharge or put upon or along the line of any railroad, street, alley or highway, or public place within the village, any manure, garbage or other offensive or nauseous substance. (Ord. 48, 6-3-1958)
Yard waste (organic material) such as flowers, weeds, small twigs, grass clippings and garden waste will be picked up on the first and third Mondays of each month, if placed in yard waste bags. No metal, plastic, paper products or excessive amounts of soil shall be included with the yard waste. Yard waste bags shall be purchased from the village for one dollar ($1.00) each.
The removal of trees growing on private property is the total responsibility of the landowner's tree removal service. The village is not responsible for cleanup of debris caused by tree removal. However, trees and bushes removed by the landowner will be picked up by the village within a reasonable time. Trees and bushes must be cut to a minimum of four feet (4') in length and a maximum of seven feet (7') in length. The cuttings must be stacked in compact bundles for ease of removal. (Ord. 246, 6-10-2003, eff. 8-1-2003)
   A.   Recycling Required: Commencing on August 1, 2003, each residential dwelling unit shall cooperate in the recycling of refuse. All recyclable material shall be separated from other garbage and refuse and grouped together and placed for collection. Recyclable materials will be collected at each and every residential dwelling unit in the village that is being provided water service.
   B.   Recyclables Collection: Collection shall be performed once each week in which there is not a village holiday, shall not start before six o'clock (6:00) A.M., and will be collected on the same day as refuse throughout the village. Unforeseen emergencies may require alteration of the schedule.
   C.   Collection At Curb: All recyclable materials shall be collected at the curb, also referred to as the terrace, and near the street in front of the residential unit. Collection will not be made in alleys.
   D.   Recyclable Refuse: Recyclable refuse shall consist of and be contained as follows:
      1.   Transparent Blue Plastic Bag #1:
         a.   Glass: All brown, green, and clear glass shall be rinsed, lids removed, and placed in this bag. Labels may remain on the glass.
         b.   Cans: All aluminum, steel, and tin cans shall be rinsed and placed in this bag. Labels may remain on the cans.
         c.   Plastics: All plastics shall be rinsed, caps removed, and flattened. Plastics are restricted to items having either a number one or number two (2) imprinted inside the recycling symbol on the bottom of the container.
      2.   Transparent Blue Plastic Bag #2:
         a.   Newsprint: All newsprint shall be placed in this second bag and shall not be mixed with any other garbage or refuse, recyclable or otherwise.
Included with newsprint are all supplements that are delivered with the newspaper.
   E.   Nonrecyclable Materials:
      1.   Items Which Are Nonrecyclable: Without limitation, the following items, which may be mistaken as falling into one of the categories above, are not recyclable under this chapter, and must be disposed of with other nonrecyclable garbage or refuse:
         a.   Glass: All Pyrex glass, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors, china, and tableware;
         b.   Plastics: All Styrofoam and Melmac type plastics, and any plastic containers containing automotive fluids or swimming pool chemicals;
         c.   Paper And Cardboard: All office or computer paper, magazines, waxed paper, waxed cardboard, milk cartons, envelopes, cereal boxes, and general purpose cardboard.
      2.   Other Nonrecyclable Garbage And Refuse: All other garbage and refuse, not specifically mentioned as a recyclable item, shall not be placed in a container or bagged with recyclable items. If nonrecyclable materials are placed in the recycling bags the bags will not be picked up and it will be considered a violation of this chapter.
   F.   Ownership Of Recyclable Waste Material:
      1.   After recyclable waste material has been placed in a designated container for such purpose at a designated recycling collection location for collection by the village or its authorized agent, the recyclable waste material shall become the property of the village or its authorized agent.
      2.   During the twenty four (24) hour period commencing at six o'clock (6:00) P.M. on any day preceding a day designated for collection of recyclable waste material, no person, other than the village's authorized agent, shall remove recyclable waste material from a designated container which has been placed at a designated recycling collection location. Each collection in violation of this section from each separate designated recycling collection location during that period shall constitute a separate and distinct violation of this chapter.
      3.   Nothing in this chapter shall limit the right of an individual person, organization, or other entity to donate, sell, or otherwise dispose of recyclable waste material, if such disposal does not violate any applicable statute, regulation, or ordinance. (Ord. 246, 6-10-2003, eff. 8-1-2003)
4-1A-11: PENALTY:
Any person violating any of the terms of this article shall be subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. (Ord. 48, 6-3-1958; amd. 1998 Code; Ord. 246, 6-10-2003, eff. 8-1-2003)