11-1-1: Short Title
11-1-2: Authority
11-1-3: Jurisdiction
11-1-4: Restrictions
11-1-5: Separability
11-1-6: Amendments
11-1-7: Repealer
11-1-8: Effective Date
11-1-1: SHORT TITLE:
This Title shall be known as the ANNAWAN SUBDIVISION ORDINANCE. (Ord. 226, 2-11-2000)
11-1-2: AUTHORITY:
This Title was recommended by the Zoning Board of the Village and serves as a functional part of the Village's Comprehensive Plan. (Ord. 226, 2-11-2000)
This Title governs the division of land within the corporate limits and contiguous territory of the Village. (Ord. 226, 2-11-2000)
   A.   Whenever this Title conflicts with any Village, State, or Federal laws and regulations regarding the recording of plats or public improvements, the more stringent restrictions imposed shall prevail.
   B.   Whenever the subject matter is the same, contiguous territories governed by this Title are exempt from less restrictive regulations of ordinance(s) adopted by the County Board of Henry County. (Ord. 226, 2-11-2000)
The provisions of this Title shall be separable and the invalidity of any provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Title. (Ord. 226, 2-11-2000)
This Title may be amended by the Village Board provided no amendment shall be adopted that has not been submitted to the Zoning Board and for which a public hearing has not been held. The amendment procedure shall be as follows:
   A.   The Village Board shall submit a request for amendment to the Zoning Board which shall make a report and recommendation within ninety (90) days from the date of the request.
   B.   The Zoning Board shall schedule a public hearing and publish a public notice in a newspaper of general circulation of the Village. The public notice must give the time and place of the informal hearing and be published not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the hearing. The public notice must inform the public of the purpose of the hearing and that interested persons may submit their statements orally, in writing, or both.
   C.   No later than ninety (90) days after the conclusion of the public hearing the Zoning Board must submit its report and recommendation to the Village Board. The Village Board may adopt, in whole or in part, any of the amendment or reject the entire amendment. An amendment must be enacted by an ordinance.
   D.   If the Zoning Board fails to make a report and recommendation within ninety (90) days of Village Board's request, Village Board may proceed to consider its request and schedule a public hearing.
   E.   If the Village Board fails to take action after ninety (90) days of the adjournment of a public hearing, no action shall be taken without again holding a public hearing. (Ord. 226, 2-11-2000)
11-1-7: REPEALER:
This Title repeals Ordinance 144, as amended. (Ord. 226, 2-11-2000)
This Title shall be in full force after its passage, approval, and due publication required by law. (Ord. 226, 2-11-2000)



1. See also Section 3-1-8 of this Code.