14.32.010   Temporary parking variances.
   14.32.030   Stopping for loading or unloading only allowed in certain placesTime restricted.
   14.32.035   Parking near fire hydrants.
   14.32.040   Loading zonesTo be established.
   14.32.050   Bus loading zones to be established.
   14.32.060   Minimum pavement width for streets used by busesException.
   14.32.070   Operation of buses in traffic lanes.
   14.32.080   Two-hour parking in business DistrictsSignsExemption Permits.
   14.32.084    (Repealed by 6504, 2/9/21)
   14.32.090   One-hour parking zones.
   14.32.100   South CitronOne-hour parking.
   14.32.110   Thirty-minute parking zones.
   14.32.120   Twenty-minute parking zones.
   14.32.130   Fifteen-minute parking zones.
   14.32.135   Fifteen-minute parking zones (six a.m. to six p.m.).
   14.32.140   (Repealed by 5919, 6/8/04)
   14.32.145   Two-hour parkingStreets designatedEight a.m. to four p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted.
   14.32.150   One-hour parkingStreets designatedNine a.m. to six p.m., Sundays excepted.
   14.32.151   Three-hour parkingStreets designated.
   14.32.152   Two-hour parkingStreets designatedNine a.m. to six p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted.
   14.32.153   Parking restrictedNine p.m. to six a.m.Streets designated.
   14.32.154   Parking restrictedSix p.m. to six a.m.Streets designated.
   14.32.155   Parking restrictedSeven a.m. to nine a.m. and three p.m. to six p.m.Streets designated.
   14.32.156   Parking restrictedSeven a.m. to four p.m.Streets designated.
   14.32.157   Parking restrictedEight a.m. to six p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and holidays exceptedStreets designated.
   14.32.158   Parking restricted—Midnight to six a.m.—Streets designated.
   14.32.159   Two-hour parking—Streets designated.
   14.32.160   Parking restrictedThree a.m. to six a.m.
   14.32.161   Parking restricted—One a.m. to six a.m.
   14.32.162   Parking restricted—Seven p.m. to seven a.m.
   14.32.170   City parking lotParking between sidelines.
   14.32.173   Public parking lotsDefinition.
   14.32.176   Prohibition of back-in parking in city lots.
   14.32.177   Police Department and Central library parking lotsTwo-hour limit without permit.
   14.32.178   City parking lotsPermit or employee parking.
   14.32.179   (Repealed by 5629, 4/28/98)
   14.32.180   City parking lotsTrucks prohibitedTwo-hour limit.
   14.32.181   Displaying vehicles for sale on public streets.
   14.32.182   Loitering—Public parking lotsProhibited.
   14.32.183    (Repealed by 6504, 2/9/21)
   14.32.184   Fifteen miles per hour speed limitParking lots.
   14.32.185   No parking on Sundays­Six a.m. to one-thirty p.m.Streets designated.
   14.32.189   No stopping at any timeTow away bus zones or streets designated.
   14.32.190   No parking at any timeStreets designated.
   14.32.191   Parking vehicles on streets, highways, City-owned and/or maintained property, parking lots and parking structures restricted.
   14.32.195   No parking­Sundays exceptedStreets designated.
   14.32.200   Parking truck or trailer on streetRestricted.
   14.32.205   Limitation on the parking of large commercial vehicles in the residential zones of the city.
   14.32.206   Parking oversized vehicles—restricted.
   14.32.210   Parking in loading zones.
   14.32.220   Parking on private or public propertyConsent required.
   14.32.271   School zonesTwo-hour parkingStreets designated.
   14.32.272   Parking during school hours restricted.
   14.32.280   (Repealed by 5919, 6/8/04)
   14.32.290   Angle parking.
   14.32.300   Prohibition of parking on one side of streetAuthorized.
   14.32.310   Sale of goods or merchandise by vehicle.
   14.32.320   Citations for violation of title.
   14.32.330   Impounding unlawfully parked vehicles.
   14.32.340   Prohibition of parking in stadiumWhere posted.
   14.32.350   No parkingTow away zone.
   14.32.360   Blocking of crossing by trains.
   14.32.370   Declaration concerning no parking areas.
   14.32.430   Designated parking reserved for handicapped persons.
   14.32.450   Permit parking on designated streets.
   14.32.500   Parking restricted to facilitate street sweeping.
   14.32.510   Enforcement of California Vehicle Code parking and standing provisions.
   14.32.520   Enforcement of California Vehicle Code Sections 22500.1 and 22514 regarding fire zones and fire hydrants.
   14.32.530   Enforcement of Section 22507.8 (a,b) of the California Vehicle Code relating to handicapped parking.
   14.32.550   Parking penalties for violations to Anaheim Municipal Code, California Vehicle Code and other codes and statutes relating to parking and standing of vehicles.