.010   No person shall park any vehicle on any public parking lot owned, maintained or operated by or for the City of Anaheim or the Anaheim Redevelopment Agency:
   A)   For more than the posted time limit applicable to such parking space in any single day.
   B)   In any space designated for "permit" or "employee" parking.
   .020   The provisions of the preceding subsection .010 shall not apply:
   A)   Between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. of the following day.
   B)   To any vehicle displaying a valid parking permit, provided such permit is displayed and said vehicle is parked in accordance with the requirements of the permit.
   .030   The City Manager is authorized to promulgate regulations pertaining to the issuance of permits, including fees; provided, however, that City employees shall not be required to pay for permits to park while engaged in their employment duties.
(Ord. 4072 § 1; October 30, 1979: Ord. 4149 § 2; July 27, 1980; Ord. 5629, April 28, 1998.)