.010   Purpose and Intent.  The City Council finds that there has been a proliferation of used vehicles being parked or left idle on public streets for the purpose of advertising or displaying such vehicles for sale, resulting in a negative impact on the City, its residents, and its businesses. The purpose of this Section is to reasonably regulate the time, place, and manner in which City public streets are used for the sale of vehicles and to implement Section 22651.9 of the California Vehicle Code which permits the removal of vehicles, under certain conditions, for being illegally parked for purposes of advertising the vehicle for sale.
   .020   Private and Public Lots and Properties. No person shall park a vehicle on a public or private parking lot or any public or private property for the purpose of displaying the vehicle thereon for sale, hire or rental, unless the property is duly licensed and zoned by the City of Anaheim for that purpose. Nothing in this section shall be construed to apply to the sale of a vehicle by a resident on property owned or leased by that resident.
   .030   Vehicles for Sale Prohibited on Certain Public Streets. No person shall park or leave standing any motor vehicle with a sign or placard or other writing on such vehicle at any of the locations listed below which makes it appear that the primary purpose for parking such vehicle at that location is to advertise to the public the private sale of such vehicle:
   Any location on a Major, Primary, Hillside, Secondary or Hillside Secondary Arterials as identified on the Planned Roadway Network in the General Plan, or on a public street within eighty (80) feet of such roadway, which is posted with signage reflecting the prohibition.
   .040   Removal of Vehicle Authorized.  A vehicle found to be in violation of this section shall be issued a citation or notice of parking violation pursuant to Section 14.32.320.  Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 22651.9(a)(4), any person authorized by Section 14.32.330 may remove a vehicle that is in violation of this Section, if all of the following requirements are satisfied:
   .0401   Because of a sign, placard, or other writing on the vehicle, it appears that the primary purpose of parking the vehicle at the location listed in Section is to advertise to the public the private sale of that vehicle;
   .0402   Within the past 30 days, but not less than 24 hours prior to removal, the vehicle is known to have been previously issued a citation or other notice for violating Section, which contains all of the following: (A) a warning that an additional parking violation may result in the impoundment of the vehicle; (B) a warning that the vehicle may be impounded pursuant to this section 22651.9, even if moved to another street so long as the signs or placards offering the vehicle for sale remain on the vehicle; and, (C) a statement that all arterial roadways in the City are subject to prohibitions in this Section.
   .050   Post-Removal Hearings Required for Removed Vehicles.  A post-storage hearing pursuant to Section 22852 of the California Vehicle Code applies with respect to the removal of any vehicle pursuant to this Section and is incorporated herein by this reference as if set forth in full herein.  (Ord. 3689 § 1; April 26, 1977: Ord. 6435 § 1; April 10, 2018.)