The operator of a vehicle shall not park such vehicle for longer than two hours within any business district between the hours of six a.m. and six p.m. of any day except Sunday and subject to the special restrictions imposed by Sections 14.32.280 through 14.32.310. Signs shall be erected and maintained not more than one hundred fifty feet apart in each block designating the provisions of this section; provided, however, that this section shall not apply to any practicing physician or surgeon who must use a vehicle in the course of his practice. Any practicing physician or surgeon who desires to take advantage of this exception may obtain a permit so to do from the Chief of Police of the City of Anaheim, and upon the application of any such physician or surgeon to the Chief of Police it shall be the duty of the Chief of Police, if he is satisfied that such person is a duly licensed and practicing physician or surgeon, and that it is necessary in the course of his practice to use a vehicle, to issue said permit. (Ord. 1685 § 1; March 13, 1962.)