In addition to any other persons authorized by State law, and, except as otherwise provided in Section 14.32.520 and 14.32.530 of the Anaheim Municipal Code, only those persons employed by the City of Anaheim as police officers, police cadets and traffic control officers, City code enforcement officers, and volunteers designated by the Chief of Police, are hereby authorized and directed to issue citations to any and all persons violating any of the provisions of the California Vehicle Code relating to parking and standing of vehicles in the City of Anaheim, and any such citation shall be deemed to be a civil complaint charging violations of this Title and requiring payment of the penalty set forth therein. The method of giving notice of citation for parking and standing violations of the California Vehicle Code shall be as specified in Section 40202 of the California Vehicle Code or any successor provision thereto. Violations of this section shall be processed as civil penalties in accordance with California Vehicle Code Sections 40200 et seq., or any successor provision thereto. (Ord. 5384 § 5; July 20, 1993: Ord. 6078 § 1; October 9, 2007: Ord. 6113 § 2; September 30, 2008.)