It is unlawful to park or leave standing any vehicle on any public street in the City of Anaheim at such times as said streets have been posted with "NO PARKING — TOW AWAY ZONE" signs. The Chief of Police is authorized to post and maintain said signs on any public street at such times as are necessary to preserve the public peace or safety or maintain traffic flow and control as a consequence of any celebration, parade, special event, construction work, or other activity, if in the opinion of the Chief of Police such action is necessary for the safety or protection of persons or property.
   Any peace officer or regularly employed and salaried employee who is engaged in directing traffic or enforcing parking laws and regulations of the City of Anaheim is hereby authorized to cause the removal of any vehicle parked or left standing in violation of this section to the nearest public garage for storage. This section of the Anaheim Municipal Code is enacted pursuant to the authority granted by Section 22651(n) Vehicle Code of the State of California. (Ord. 4429 § 2; May 17, 1983.)