Notwithstanding any other limitation on, or regulation concerning parking contained in this Title to the contrary, it is unlawful to park or leave parked any vehicle on any street or portion thereof during the hours and on the day or days of the month indicated on signs containing the words "No Parking," which signs have been placed in appropriate locations designating the parking restrictions pursuant to the provisions of this section.
   The Maintenance Director is hereby authorized to determine the locations of and to place and maintain, or caused to be placed and maintained, signs designating the hours during which, and day or days of the month on which, parking is prohibited in order to permit City equipment to sweep.
   All persons employed by the City of Anaheim as police officers, police cadets, traffic control officers and parking checkers, or by an entity or individual pursuant to a written contract with the City of Anaheim to enforce parking regulations, are authorized to give citations to any and all persons violating any of the provisions of this section and such parking citations shall be deemed to be a civil complaint charging violations of this section and requiring payment of the penalty set forth therein. Violations of this section shall be processed as civil penalties in accordance with California Vehicle Code Sections 40200 et seq., or any successor provision thereto. (Ord. 4009 § 2; May 22, 1979: Ord. 4666 § 1; November 5, 1985: Ord. 4667 § 1; November 12, 1985: Ord. 5384 § 4; July 20, 1993.)