10.16.010   Definitions.
   10.16.020   Powers.
   10.16.030   Enforcement.
   10.16.050   Bookkeeping; Billing.
   10.16.060   Nonreceipt, loss, destruction of bill—No time extension—Duplicate billing.
   10.16.070   Authority to enter upon private property to enforce chapter.
   10.16.080   Bills; Where and how payable.
   10.16.100   Payment for service—Unpaid amount a lien on property—Procedure for collection.
   10.16.110   Recycled water policy.
   10.16.120   Use and distribution of recycled water.
   10.16.190   Suspension of service for City purposes or for violation of law.
   10.16.200   Damage caused by failure of equipment or by disconnection for failure to pay charges—Disclaimer of liability.
   10.16.210   Devices with low power factors—City may require installation of corrective equipment—Corrective equipment subject to approval.
   10.16.260   (Repealed by 5855, 4/29/03)
   10.16.290   Use of fire hydrants.
   10.16.300   Use of potable water during a fire.
   10.16.310   Obstructing use of fire hydrant.
   10.16.340   Meters and equipment remain City property—Cost for damage—Failure to pay—Installation of meters in series.
   10.16.350   (Repealed by 5855, 4/29/03)
   10.16.370   Change of location of City equipment.
   10.16.380   Curtailed supply of electricity or water—Rules for use to be promulgated—Violations of section—Penalties.
   10.16.390   Surplus electricity or water—Sale outside City authorized.
   10.16.400   Surplus electricity and water—Sale outside the City.
   10.16.410   General Manager of the Public Utilities Department may make rules and regulations.
   10.16.420   Charges and rates to be fixed by resolution.
   10.16.470   Dog biting meter reader or other officer.
*   City water supply — See California Government Code §§ 38730 — 38742.